Volkswagen presents sci-fi flying concept car

Science-fiction has always come up with great ideas of ships, gadgets and cars. Those of you who are into all this kind of stuff are most probably familiar with flying cars or hovercars. The well-known cab from “The Fifth Element”, the floating cars from “Back to the future II” and the glass bubble from “The Jetsons” have entranced audiences making many of us daydream about owning and driving such a vehicle.

Some of these floating cars designs point to flying cars that soar quite high up in the air whereas others present models that stand a few inches above the ground. And what’s even greater than all this is that these cars are said to become reality at a certain point in the future.

So, Volkswagen has come up with such a car concept known as “The People’s Car Project”. The floating car concept was designed by a young girl from Chengdu city as the automaker invited people to participate in this contest of designing their own car of the future. Obviously, the girl who is a student of gaming design and animation won as the concept she came up with is not only brilliant but also spectacular.

Volkswagen flying car concept designed by young student of gaming design and animation

Volkswagen flying car concept designed by young student of gaming design and animation

Coming in a spherical shape, the floating car has no wheels floating just a few inches above the ground. The flying vehicle has space for two people and features two circular glass discs on its two ends. It also sports an elongated glass panel fixed on the front of it. Well, seeing such a car floating above the ground where all the other vehicles just run on the road is definitely something worth every second.

Volkswagen floating car concept

Volkswagen floating car concept

Now, you may wonder how’s that possible? Well, a magnetic force is used to allow the car to fly and many of the floating car concepts make use of a magnetic suspension system. Still, the system is not that stable and this makes the wide scale implementation of the floating car impossible. Other flying cars use a repulsion technology to keep the vehicles up in the air.

It all sounds great! Enchanting! Mesmerizing! And still, till we get to experience such a car, we only have the pictures to enjoy. And a video! Check it out and let us known what you think about it in the comments section below!

Source: Designbuzz

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    Brilliant…..must see and have more of this!!! Wonder how it compares environmentally and fuel wise to a normal 2 seater car?

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    The idea in itself is creative the unfortunate problem is inherent with issues.
    Firstly to be practical the streets would have to be outfitted with continuous series of coils to provide enough of a suitable amount of Electro Magnetic field strength (itself would have to have a constant supply of electricity) not mentioning the requirements of the vehicle itself. A series of batteries would only last for so long until they require recharging & the physical size of the batteries relating to the construction of the craft.
    Sorry to put a damper on the idea just being realistic.

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