Volkswagen Golf 7- detail on the MQB platform

One of Volkswagen’s most appreciated and popular models, the Volkswagen Golf crossed to a new generation, to the seventh generation to be more precise. Thus the auto constructor decided it’s high time to adopt a new technical modular platform which he will also use later on on other models of the brand or other subsidiary models. This innovative platform is called the MQB platform.

Volkswagen Golf crossed over to the seventh generation which is already hit the production lines. The reference car for the compact segment from the German constructor is built on a new type of platform which will later be used on other models  also. Instead of spy photos or details we present you an information just as good, we present you the technical details on the technical car platform. The Germans will also use the modular MQB platform for the future Passat model. The engineers from Wolfsburg put a high price on efficiency thus they equipped the modular MQB platform with flexible wheelbase and track and adjustable seats position. Being flexible and adjustable this new platform will also be used on many subsidiary models such as Jetta, Touran, Sharan, Audi A3, Skoda Octavia, Seat Leon, Scirocco and Beetle. The MQB platform can be equipped with gas engines or even hybrid or electric engines,  plus the flexibility of the platform allows the same factory to assemble Seat Leon models right after they assemble Golf 7 units.

Volkswagen Golf 7 MQB platform

Volkswagen Golf 7 MQB platform

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