Car of the Year 2015: Volkswagen Passat, the Car of the Year in Europe!

Volkswagen Passat 2014

Volkswagen Passat was named Car of the Year in Europe, in a ceremony in Switzerland. The Passat won the competition, the surprise being the one ranked 2nd place… There are a few years when the winner of Car of the Year title detaches so much from the competition. 2015 is one of these years: Volkswagen


Volkswagen CC Concept reveals the next generation of the German sport sedan

Volkswagen CC Concept front

At the Geneva Motor Show 2015, the Germans from Volkswagen will present a concept that will show us the direction that will move the next generation of sport sedan CC. You know, the one that looks like a four-door Passat coupe. Volkswagen CC concept, the prototype that anticipates the next generation sports sedan Volkswagen CC,


For drivers of vans with gasoline in the veins: Volkswagen Caddy GTI and Caddy R

VW Caddy GTI

The two models would make sense in a world where courier companies would have lanes reserved and no speed limit. Special for drivers of vans with gasoline in their veins instead of blood! The new Volkswagen Caddy was presented to the world a few days ago (okay, name it facelift, we won’t get upset). Enough


Design and technical details for Volkswagen Golf R-Line

Volkswagen Golf R-Line

Volkswagen Golf R-Line is one of the company’s projects that will be launched this year. Golf has an interesting story in the States given the first car that reached their market was nicknamed Rabbit and then the following generation, in 1985, got the customers’ attention. The sixth generation of Gold reached USA in 2010 and


The Volkswagen Polo SUV concept is shaping up

Volkswagen Polo SUV front

Volkswagen Polo SUV is one of the car concept we are looking forward to seeing this year and it is also one of the interesting model Volkswagen is currently working on. Turns out the rumours that were circling around this concept were true, sources within the company stated that Volkswagen is working on developing this


Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant is a sporty diesel station wagon that consumes 4.4 l / 100 km

Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant

In the Volkswagen range already exists the GTD model Golf dressed like a hatchback, which is a kind of diesel brother of the legendary Golf GTI. Well, from now on there will be a sporty station wagon with the same 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine. This is the new Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant, a sporty station


Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE Concept is a hybrid crossover for America

Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE

A new international auto show, an SUV / crossover concept from Volkswagen. Now, at Detroit Auto Show 2015 in USA, the Germans presented a new crossover concept called Cross Coupe GTE, which should prefigure the German SUVs design for the North American market. Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE is the name of the crossover concept that


Audi S1 versus Volkswagen Golf R the battle of the hatchbacks

Audi S1

At the end of last year Audi presented one of its latest designed units the S1 Quattro. The technical and aesthetical details for this new model have been reveiled and the unit itself will be confirmed at the beginning of 2015. This tiny hatchback from Audi goes under the lines and specifications of a mini


Volkswagen Golf R Concept leaves behind the mundane buttons

VW Golf 7 R Touch Concept

Even though there are quite many people who say that the classical buttons are more suitable than touchscreens in cars, behold that the car brands are going forward on the idea of replacing old buttons with touchscreens. Volkswagen presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 the concept called Golf R Touch. And, as the


Design and technical details for Volkswagen Caddy black edition

Volkswagen Caddy black edition

Volkswagen has decided to improve some of its less popular models and launch the the upgraded verison of the Voklkswagen Caddy black edition. Besides being better looking bearing visible spec upgrades and improved cosmetics, this Caddy ediution will help the customer save over 1.350 pounds in comparison to teh standrd edition price. This newly launched