The Skoda Octavia 3 model is in production

The production of the third Octavia generation, the Czech auto constructor’s best selling model, debuted today, at the Mlada Boleslav plant. Skoda officials state that after the changes this plant had, the daily production rate rose from 800 to 1.200 cars.

” Octavia is the heart of Skoda. Our workers have put their passion and competence into producing the best Octavia in history”, says Skoda director, Winfried Vahland.

The Czech have big plans for the future. Therefore, once in every six months, Skoda will launch a facelift or a new model. They will keep to this schedule till 2015. This way, Skoda hopes to have an annual production of 1,5 million cars by 2018.

Whereas Skoda Octavia 3, it will debut in showrooms in January 2013.

Skoda Octavia 3

Skoda Octavia 3

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