The launch of Audi A2 successor was canceled

Although A2′s successor was set to be launched in the near future, sources inside the Audi company announced that the version was cancelled before going on the market.

The model would have been launched in 2015, but officials from Audi decided to give it up, although it was an electric vehicle, which had chances to become a plug-in hybrid. Also, the model would have had an aluminium chassis, since its mass had to be reduced.

The car whould have been a fierce competition to the future BMW i3, which is almost ready for launch. Audi representants stress out that they will use the knowledge they gathered during this project for future cars.

Most likely, the Audi company gave up the idea of a A2 successor since electric models don’t sell as well as others and don’t reach the desired profit.

Audi A2

Audi A2

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