The Evolution of the Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is an old, but much beloved, car. First built in 1938, the Beetle was an instant hit in Germany with many people purchasing one. Over time, the Beetle was introduced further afield on the international stage, with car owners all over the world purchasing Beetles. The Beetle has changed dramatically since its original release, with Volkswagen continually refining the design to improve it. This article will look at the evolution of the Volkswagen Beetle over the past 75~ years, while also providing reasons why you should drive home a Volkswagen today.

The original Beetle

While the Beetle was first designed in the mid 1930s, production did not ramp up to significant levels until 1945. Originally, the Beetle was simply known as the ‘Volkswagen’, but Volkswagen eventually gave it the name ‘Kafer’, which means Beetle in German.

The Beetle became wildly popular for a number of reasons.

The car featured unique styling that made it stand out from the crowd; it looked fun and it looked like it had a personality. Volkswagen also built a reputation for themselves as a quality car maker, with the Beetle featuring best in class build quality and reliability.

The Beetle had a small but modestly powerful engine that allowed the Beetle to cruise on the roads. The car was rear wheel drive and featured an engine at the back of the car rather than in the front, as was more common at the time.

The Beetle’s popularity exploded in the 60s with the growing size of the hippie movement. Many hippies fell in love with the Beetle’s cute styling, buying the car in huge amounts.

The Beetle was also the main star in Disney’s ‘The Love Bug’, a movie about a Beetle race car called Herbie who had a personality of his own. The movie was a huge hit causing large numbers of Beetle sales.

Old Volkswagen Beetle

Old Volkswagen Beetle

The New Beetle

Volkswagen eventually discontinued the original Beetle, ceasing production of the car. Fans of the Beetle’s iconic designed begged the company to release a new version and, in 1998, Volkswagen obliged releasing the ‘New Beetle’.

The New Beetle featured unique styling that was similar to that of the original Beetle. The main difference was that the car was more contemporary and appropriate for modern times.

The New Beetle came with a variety of extras like air conditioning and power steering. It was also available with a number of different engine sizes that varied from moderately powerful to incredibly powerful.

The New Beetle was a huge hit for Volkswagen, with Beetle fans all over the world lining up to purchase the car.

Volkswagen New Beetle

Volkswagen New Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle

The New Beetle has since been phased out in favour of the ‘Volkswagen Beetle’, a new edition of the Beetle that went on sale in 2012.

The Volkswagen Beetle features styling quite similar to that of the New Beetle, except it is designed to look more aggressive and fun. The Volkswagen Beetle also features a bigger boot and larger seats with more leg room.

The Volkswagen Beetle is available with a number of mod cons and extras and a variety of different engines, including special fuel efficient bluemotion models and powerful sports editions.

The latest version of the Beetle has improved upon the New Beetle in virtually every way, with updated styling, better engine options and a more comfortable interior. The car has already been a hit with reviewers and Beetle enthusiasts, with many declaring it to be the best Beetle yet.

Volkswagen Beetle 2012

Volkswagen Beetle 2012

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