The Chinese from Qoros will directly compete with Skoda Octavia 3 Break at Geneva 2013

The new serie Qoros GQ3, a brand new name on the European auto scene, will debut at the Geneva Auto Show 2013 with a couple of surprises directed towards the new Skoda Octavia 3. Can the Chinese scare the Czech?

Qoros is a new auto brand produced in partnership between the Chinese and the Israeli, with the purpose to make a move on the European market. The debut of the first series model, Qoros sedan GQ3, will take place at the Geneva Auto Show 2013.

There, the producer will come with two new propositions based on GQ3, but for now in the state of pseudo-concepts: a hatchback Cross Hybrid model and the Estate sedan Concept.

Qoros Geneva 2013

Qoros Geneva 2013

The latter is more interesting if we take into consideration that, at the Geneva  Auto Show we will also see the debut of the new Soka Octavia break – it is easily observed, without speaking of plagiarism, that Qoros GQ3 wants to compete directly with the Czech model.

It is to be seen if the new Chinese-Israeli model will manage to draw some attention on the European market, Qoros announces to have an attractive price / equipment offer.

Qoros Geneva 2013

Qoros Geneva 2013

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