The 2014 VW E-Golf promises a reasonable autonomy

Volkswagen Golf 7 will cross over to the electric cars beginning with 2014, when the VW E-Golf version is supposed to be launched. A model that promises many things despite the electric machines detractors reluctance.

Volkswagen intensively tests the technology which will equip the new electric VW Golf at the beginning of this decade – in 2010, they presented a prototype Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-motion ( based on Golf 6).

The Volkswagen E-Golf series model is at its final test stages and is due to be launched for production in 2014. Speaking of the VW Golf 7 model, it is equipped with an electric engine of 115 HP and a full pack of lithium-ion batteries, weighting 200 Kg, placed under the back seat and under the floor of the trunk.

VW E-Golf promises a maximum autonomy of 275 Km, once with a very efficient propeller system. Speaking of performance, its maximum speed will be limited at 135 Km/H, sufficient for the casual drive on the free ways.

VW E-Golf

VW E-Golf

The price of the new Volkswagen E-Golf is said to start at approximately 40.000 Euros, pretty competitive compared to Nissan Leaf, for example. It has to be noted that VW E-Golf will be the second VW electric series, because the first one, VW E-Up!, will be launched this year, most likely at the Geneva Auto Show 2013.

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