Teaser for Geneva 2013 with VW Golf R, most powerful Golf in the series

The Germans from the sport cars department at Volkswagen (known under the name “R”) thought of an unique teaser to test the fans’ reactions for the VW Golf 7. What do you think?

The world premiere of the most powerful Volkswagen Golf 7 version, which obviously, will be named VW Golf R, will take place at the Geneva Auto Show 2013. Till then, the Germans offer us an unique teaser.

It is an image of the new VW Golf R in an ice cube that is melting. The melting is timed, and from the stopwatch we see that we will be able to view the car before the Swiss Auto Show.

Meaning in  less than two weeks those who are curious will be able to see the premiere of the new VW Golf R online, which for starters, it is presented as a pseudo-concept.

No official information, yet, about the technical package, but we are sure that the new VW Golf R will have a 2,0 liter turbo engine with 250 HP, with the possibility of having the same engine from Audi S3 which develops 300 HP and a maximum torque of 380 Nm. On the menu  there will also be a wheel drive and DSG automatic gearbox.

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