Surprise at the Shanghai Auto Show: the Volkswagen Sportback?

Volkswagen Lavida Sedan, the model created for the Chinese market, will be followed by a hatchback version, in a semi-break style – will it be a representation of Audi A3 Sportback in VW terms?

Volkswagen Lavida is one of the top selling models in China, so there is  much interest around this series. Which means the family will receive a new member this year at the Shanghai Auto Show.

For now we are talking about spy photos, which show  that the hatchback version is something more than half of Lavida. The rear has a semi-break style like the European Audi A3 Sportback model.

Moreover, cutting the tail lights seem to make a direct reference to the premium segment, Lavida hatchback wants to attract clients that are sport amateurs, since it promises lower prices than VW Golf, although it has a similar technical equipment and interior design.

VW Lavida Hatchback

VW Lavida Hatchback

On the Chinese market, the name for the latest Lavida version will be Lang Xing, the Sedan is known under the name of Lang Yi. The model will be produced by the joint-venture Shanghai Volkswagen, which has optimistic objectives: they want to produce over 500.000 models of Lavida Sedan and hatchback annually.

VW Lavida Hatchback

VW Lavida Hatchback

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