Regula Tuning kit for Porsche Panamera

The Germans from Regula tuning created a tuning kit for the sports sedan Porsche Panamera. Among the changes brought by the German tuning house count a aerodynamic kit and a set of wheels.

Many would say that the sport sedan Porsche Panamera will never win a beauty contest. And they might be right.

But, the Germans from Regula Tuning, think that the look of the four-doors German car can be improved. They created a tuning kit which includes an aerodynamic tuning kit, new paint, a set of 22-inch wheels and an engine chip reprogramming to increase the power.

The aesthetic package comes with front and rear bumpers, new side skirts, a diffuser in the rear and a “skirt” front bumper. The body components cost 7.498 Euros and can be built either out of a blend of polyurethane and polyester, or carbon fibre.

Talking about the increased performance, Regula Tuning offers, for 1.698 Euros, a reprogramming of the engine chip, which for the Panamera Turbo model, increases its power to 605 HP.

The German Regula Tuning also presented in the past a kit for the Audi R8 coupe.

What’s your opinion on Regula Tuning creation?

Porsche Panamera by Regula Tuning

Porsche Panamera by Regula Tuning


Porsche Panamera by Regula Tuning

Porsche Panamera by Regula Tuning

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