Is there a crisis or not? Here is how much a 1:8 scale golden Lamborghini costs

Initially, the creator of this 1/8 model estimated a price of 3,5 million Euros. One year later, the sum reached a value downright shameless. How much, you will see.

The Lamborghini Aventador model, a top supercar, with a very aggressive style, a V12 engine with 700 HP which reached 100 in only 2,9 seconds, is estimated to cost about 300.000 Euros.

However, last year, Robert Gulpen made an Aventador model on a 1:8 scale that is ten times more expensive, which is estimated at 3,5 millions Euros due to the usage of costly materials, such as carbon fiber, gold, platinum and about 1.400 diamonds.

Lamborghini Aventador Gold

Lamborghini Aventador Gold

For this model, Robert Gulpen even entered the Guinness Book, receiving the award for most expensive model, the safest car body and the most luxurious logo.

Now, the Sotheby’s auction house reevaluated this model and rises a new price for those who are interested. Hold on tight: the golden model with diamonds will have the starting price of….10,5 milllion Euros at an auction in New York ! Ten million Euros and a half!

With this kind of money you can fill your garage with 35 real scale Lamborghini Aventadors! Even the unique Lamborghini Aventador J, presented at the Geneva Auto Show in 2012, olny costed two million Euros, and a 1:8 scale model for Bugatti Veyron, made of gold, reached to the price of 2,5 million Euros.

We know that there are a lot of excentric millionairs in the world, for whon the desire to impress is more powerful than the reality of a world wide crisis. But we are actually curious whether this model will find its owner. And if so, what will be the maximum price awarded.

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