Can this be the first picture of Skoda Octavia 3, shown before its official release?

Someone has already driven the Skoda Octavia 3, but only on the test track. However, we currently have some pictures that suggest that the final version of the car is already prepared for unveiling. Plus, we have some pictures that show us more details of the new Octavia.

After the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show presentation of the Skoda MissionL concept, everyone understood that Skoda models will tend to become more German and have a more distinguished design. And the new Skoda Rapid did nothing but confirm this.

Now, everybody is waiting for the release of the new generation Skoda Octavia 3, which will obviously be based on the Volkswagen Golf’s technical platform and was created for the medium hatchback category, the same as the previous two generations.

The real question is: Will the new Skoda Octavia 3 be able to continue the legacy of its predecessors? Well, the answer seems to be “yes”. From the pictures that appeared on the internet until now it seems like, aside from the increase in size, the new Octavia has more style and almost seems to borrow some dynamism from … Audi.

Skoda Octavia 3 Spy

Skoda Octavia 3 Spy

The new Skoda Octavia is expected to maintain the tendency of a larger tailgate (although it looks like a sedan), and its interior to be an evolution of the current generation’s. On a more technical note, the car will have its engine and transmission from the new VW Golf 7, as well as the subsystems of the MQB platform.

The the new Skoda Octavia 3 will be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, but some official pictures and details are bound to “appear” on the internet before that date.

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