Audi wants to become leader of the luxury cars market by 2016

Audi intends to invest over 10 billion Euros by 2016 for the development of new vehicles and for extending the production capacity, trying to take over the place held by BMW, the actual world lider of the luxury cars market.

Audi, now in the second place of this top, will spend 13 billion Euros for the new models and technologies, and also for expanding the production capacity in China and Hungary. Part of this sum will be used for the construction of a new plant in Mexico.

“We will continue to invest big sums to follow our development strategy. The expansion of the global production infrastructure will allow us to grow”, stated Audi’s financial director, Axel Strotbek.

Audi’s expansion is part of the Volkswagen strategy, the group which the luxurious brand is part of, in order to become the world’s biggest auto producer by 2018.

Audi A8

Audi A8

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