Audi RS6 Avant Plus will become the most powerful break in the German series

Audi prepares a more powerful version for the current RS Avant. The German break will be named Plus and will benefit from more power, a lower weight and a new suspension.

Although the current RS series owns the most powerful models on the market, Audi wants more. This wish will be fulfilled soon, because the Germans plan a series of models superior to the current RS.

In an interview for the British car Magazine, Stephan Reil, director at Audi Quattro, stated that we will see in the nearest future a new version of the current RS6 Avant, recently introduced on the market. This model will be named RS6 Avant plus and will help shape a new series of performance models, where there are also other models such as Audi TT-RS and Audi R8 Plus.

Audi RS60 Avant Plus

Audi RS60 Avant Plus

Since the current RS Avant has 560 HP, the Plus version needs much more to impress. The first information is that the engineers from Ingolstadt managed to get 608 HP out of the eight cylinder unit.

Stephan Reil assured that the new RS6 Avant Plus will not be sold as a special edition. Also, the  production will not be limited at certain numbers.

Reil also confirmed the  launch of other Plus products in the near future. To be worthy of this logo, its representants will have, besides the generous power, a lower weight, after they will be part of a program to lose some pounds. And there will be some changes to the suspension.

For example, the current Audi R8 Plus has a total mass with 50 Kilograms laighter than the standard version and a stiffened suspension.

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