Audi enters the high class limo market: Audi R8 Gullwing

Good news for the ones of you who chose buying a mini-van instead of a sportscar because of the small space offered by the latter. From now on, you can combine both of them, so you will have an impressive V10 engine under the hood of a spacious car. Audi made it possible after launching a concept car built on the platform of their super sportscar, Audi R8.

The limo concept is a 8-seated car, with its face and back looking exactly as the R8, but with 6 additional seats. The doors will have a gullwing design, imposing a futuristic design, which will probably be found in their next models of supercars.

This concept is probably designed for pretty rich men who like sharing their car’s capacities with their friends. With this vehicle you can carry around up to 7 friends, offering them the full confort of this prestigious brand, Audi, as well as an unforgettable experience in a 390 bhp car.

In order to get a better perspective of this concept, you may watch the video listed below:

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