2016 Porsche Pajun

Porsche tries to have a model for every need on the high and luxury market. The Cayenne is a very successful SUV that no one thought it would work, the 911 is a classic sport car with a recently revealed new generation, and the Panamera is the company’s sports sedan that offers speed for the parents and comfort for the kids. Although it seems that they have it all covered, the Italian automaker is doing miniature versions to cover all the gaps. In 2013, the baby Cayenne (the Cajun) will debut, but this model is dubbed by the Pajun (Panamera Junior) that is expected to be revealed in 2016.

Porsche Pajun

Porsche Pajun

Pajun will probably have a range of TDI V6 engine that will develop between 400 and 550 HP, and it will be a rear-wheel-drive model. Also, Porsche might offer a 3.0-liter TDI that develops 265 HP and a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with an output of 600 HP. They might offer even a hybrid version.

Porsche will offer coupe, sedan, convertible and even shooting brake versions of the Pajun, but before they will be revealed, we will see a facelift for the Panamera, and a Panamera Coupe. Porsche produces these models in order to achieve their goal of 200,000 sold units per year.


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