2015 Porsche 960 supercar : Enjoy the Ride!

The new 2015 Porsche 960 supercar  is designed for the people of the new generation who want to enjoy the ride and have a safe journey at the same time. The powerful engine of the vehicle is one of the main reasons behind naming it as ‘supercar’. This glamorous new generation car is designed with a 3.9 liter eight engine that has four turbochargers. A multi-stage intake manifold and two intercoolers boost up its power. A dual stage exhaust and four adjustable camshafts are put here so that it will assure an output of almost 485 kW or 650 bhp. This also has a twin-turbo flat six which excels to 600 HP and a torque of 550 pound feet.

The engine which will be attached to an all-wheel drive system a seven speed dual clutch transmission enhances its power and helps to accelerate to 60 mph from 0 in only like 25 seconds.

The design of 2015 Porsche 960 supercar is so spectacular that anyone would love to enjoy the ride. The vehicle’s platform is made of steel, magnesium, titanium, steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. All these metals make its weight like 1361 kg.

2015 Porsche 960 supercar

2015 Porsche 960 supercar

The new 2015 Porsche 960 supercar is a new generation car with four doors. This four door coupe of 918 Spyder is about to launch in 2015. It has already gained the attention of people and has got a new name Fefi or Ferrari Fighter. The price of this gorgeous car is affordable for the upper middle class’ people.

This vehicle will ensure a safe ride of the riders and also keeps the sportscar-lovers happy. It is the perfect combination of sportscar and an exotic vehicle. The new “boxer” or the flat engine will ensure a safe journey ( no matter how adventurous the journey is!)

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