2014 Porsche “Baby” Boxster : An Exotic Choice!

The new 2014 Porsche “Baby” Boxster is an exotic choice for younger people who love to play with their car on the roads even beyond the concrete ones. It is an affordable and mid-engine vehicle which is smaller than its other variants as its name “baby” says. The car is 157.5 inches in its length and 95.7 inch wheelbase.

This vehicle is powered by a new tuborcharged 1.6 liter engine with approximately 200 HP. Another version or the S version is powered by a 2.5 liter flat four turbo engine with 350 lb-ft and 360 HP. The engine of this car is specially designed to boost up the speed which assures a smooth and adventurous ride in the road.

The lavish 2014 Porsche “Baby” Boxster is a sports car designed for the young people of the new generation. The car includes the features of 550 Spyder, 914, and Carrera GT. This model presents either a six-speed manual or the seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission. It is the ultimate choice of the youngsters who often go on a ride with their friends and want to display a speed show.

2014 Porsche Baby  Boxster

2014 Porsche Baby Boxster

The 2014 Porsche “Baby” Boxster aka 550 is the best selection of the starters as the car share its mid engine design with the Volkswagen BlueSport and Audi R4. In addition, the bodywork, interior and exterior design are superb. The interior is very much like the VW parts. The two seater car has a manual folding roof. It is capable to hurry to 60 mph within 6 seconds.

The cost of this vehicle is quite affordable. That is the other reason which makes this vehicle so popular among the riders. The car’s platform is designed to support to have struts at all the four corners. It is the fusion car, fit for the future which can run fast, but safely.

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