Volkswagen CC Concept reveals the next generation of the German sport sedan

Volkswagen CC Concept front

At the Geneva Motor Show 2015, the Germans from Volkswagen will present a concept that will show us the direction that will move the next generation of sport sedan CC. You know, the one that looks like a four-door Passat coupe. Volkswagen CC concept, the prototype that anticipates the next generation sports sedan Volkswagen CC,


Porsche Pajun, the project of an electric 717 with 600 hp, takes shape

Porsche Pajun

The project that led to the creation of Macan was called Cajun, we are talking about the junior of Cayenne. Behold that now is speaking increasingly more about a junior Panamera. Which would be electric and particularly powerful. Porsche 717 – codenamed Pajun (Panamera Junior) returns in the attention of automotive publications, being advanced more


Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur receive a minor facelift

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley brings at the Geneva Motor Show the facelift versions of Continental GT and Flying Spur. In addition to aesthetic changes, they have more powerful and more economical engines and updated interiors. Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur received a facelift and the two updated models will make their public debut at the Geneva Motor


SEAT Leon Cupra ST returns in a new photo gallery, to the delight of fans

SEAT Leon Cupra ST

Fascinated by the new SEAT Leon Cupra ST? Then we only have good news for you. Another 30 pictures through which to admire the Spanish station wagon of compact size and (up to) 280 horsepower. Presented earlier this year, the SEAT Leon Cupra ST is no longer any mystery to anyone. But before you admire


For drivers of vans with gasoline in the veins: Volkswagen Caddy GTI and Caddy R

VW Caddy GTI

The two models would make sense in a world where courier companies would have lanes reserved and no speed limit. Special for drivers of vans with gasoline in their veins instead of blood! The new Volkswagen Caddy was presented to the world a few days ago (okay, name it facelift, we won’t get upset). Enough


Design and technical details for Volkswagen Golf R-Line

Volkswagen Golf R-Line

Volkswagen Golf R-Line is one of the company’s projects that will be launched this year. Golf has an interesting story in the States given the first car that reached their market was nicknamed Rabbit and then the following generation, in 1985, got the customers’ attention. The sixth generation of Gold reached USA in 2010 and


The new Porsche Cayman GT4, another dreamlike Porsche


911 is the Porsche image to which all young people dream. And Cayman just gives you a reason to look more closely at it. History and evolution of the half-century of 911 stirs imagination of every sporting enthusiast, and that somehow diminished public’s attention towards the Boxster / Cayman. Well, little Cayman is presented now


The Volkswagen Polo SUV concept is shaping up

Volkswagen Polo SUV front

Volkswagen Polo SUV is one of the car concept we are looking forward to seeing this year and it is also one of the interesting model Volkswagen is currently working on. Turns out the rumours that were circling around this concept were true, sources within the company stated that Volkswagen is working on developing this


Gemballa GTP 720 is a fast Porsche Panamera. Very fast

Gemballa GTP 720 side

It is very fast and as ugly and controversial as always. But you cannot have them all at once, right? Porsche Panamera is the first sedan of the German manufacturer known for the legendary 911 Carrera. Even in standard form, the Panamera is a pretty fast car, but that does not mean it can not


Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant is a sporty diesel station wagon that consumes 4.4 l / 100 km

Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant

In the Volkswagen range already exists the GTD model Golf dressed like a hatchback, which is a kind of diesel brother of the legendary Golf GTI. Well, from now on there will be a sporty station wagon with the same 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine. This is the new Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant, a sporty station